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PRO Martial Arts - Building Character for a Lifetime

What sets PRO Martial Arts apart from the average martial arts school is the addition of their inspiring and motivational Life Skills Training program. PRO Martial Arts students acquire more than just Black Belt kicking and punching skills. Children learn the value of a lifestyle of quiet confidence, poise, and fulfillment.

At the core of every PRO Martial Arts lesson is their exclusive bullying and predator prevention curriculum: ARMOR® - specifically designed to keep children safe in both the real world and online. The classes help develop the skills to support the armor they need to stand tall against bullying behavior and predator activity.

Owner Evan Heller launched the Waldwick school almost a year ago and is extremely proud of their growth, the impact they have had on the adults and students who participate in the variety of programs, and how warmly the community has welcomed them.

Truly passionate for helping children and watching them advance, Evan is very excited to be a part of the PRO Martial Arts team and watch future students develop character and essential life skills through the curriculum within the school.

"Seeing the progress of each student and watching them transform into a better citizen, makes this worthwhile. It's truly inspirational to see some of our members build character not only in our classes but also in their schools and among their peer groups. The support and positive feedback from our members has been overwhelming. I look forward to being a resource in the community for a long time."

The PRO Martial Arts System is the result of decades of training and teaching experience, encompassing an exciting and diverse curriculum of martial arts techniques drawn from the Korean arts of Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido.

In addition to the children’s programs, the Waldwick school features adult fitness classes and adult karate classes taught by the same focused staff of instructors, led by the Chief Instructor and Program Director. The team is also busy planning their first anniversary celebration in April.

PRO Martial Arts is about far more than kicking, punching, and karate workouts. From kids to adults, from beginners to experts, from karate, to kickboxing and much more - every class at PRO Martial Arts includes a core focus on building confidence, staying safe, and developing character.

For Additional Information please contact us at:

PRO Martial Arts - Evan Heller, Owner
140 Franklin Turnpike
Waldwick, NJ 07463
201-857-5111 |

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